Honey Grove Chamber of Commerce

Quilt Trail

Fannin County has the largest quilt barn trail in Texas, with about 100 quilt squares

mounted on barns, fences and structures.  People come from all over to drive around

and see these colorful painted quilt squares.


Honey Grove has joined the quilt trail in a big way, and the Davy Crockett trail

61 installed squares.  The locations of the squares are below.  Take a drive and

enjoy the color 
and design of these quilt squares.

A map of the locations is below.  You can print a copy of the map by clicking on the

attached pdf file, or pick up a copy of the map at City Hall, the Library or shops on

the Square.


Here is a list of where you can find the quilt squares in Honey Grove, in no particular order ...

1-2  401 Poplar (on 8th), Honey Grove 
Name:  Stepping Stones Star Block
Name:  Double Stars Block

3.  Smith Feed and Seed, 242 6th Street
Name:  Pierced Star Block

4.  Bill and Mary Anne Thurman15137 E. State Highway 56
Name:  Pinwheel Star Block

5.  Corner of 6th and Main
Name:  Pinwheel Block

6.  300 East Main
Name:  Celebrate America

7.  Honey Grove Fire Department, 633 6th Street (on Hickory)
Name:  Ring of Fire

8.  Bertha Voyer Memorial Library, 500 6th Street (in back)
Name:  Prairie Queen Block

9.  1108 North Tenth
Name: Plus Side

10.  1211 West Main 
Name: Dove at the Window

11.  Eagerly Sought, back of 402 6th Street on 7th Street
Name:  Verbena Flower

12.  East Market and 11th (on 11th)  
Name:  Cactus Flower

13.  West end of Honey Grove, on the old Doc's Building, 1502 W Main St
Name:  Washington Star

14.  511 5th Street, Side of Building coming south on 5th
Name:  Bee Hives

15.  South End of 7th Street
Name:  Purple Thistle

16.  6th & Walcott, across from City Hall
Name:  Sunflower 

17.  West Market and 3rd Street, in back yard  
Name:  Market Flower

18.  East Market and 8th (back yard)
Name:  Cotton Bowl

19. 12th and Main Street East, in back
Star and Flowers

20.  Blair Auto Repair, 1312 E. Main
Primary Star

21.  Near Highway 56 and Highway 82 Junction

22.  Allens Chapel Community Center (northwest of Honey Grove, at corner of FM 1396 and CR 2980)

23. FM 1396 on the way to Allens Chapel - Iris

24.  Northeast Corner of Spring and Commerce

25.  Southeast Corner of West Market and 2nd
Colorful Star

26.  Northeast Corner of West Market and 2nd
Carpenter Wheel

27.  1009 East Market.

28.  1011 East Market
Beach Star

29.  701 Hwy 56, Windom

30.  1400 West Main
Goose Tracks

31.  1625 West Main

32. 413 5th Street, West Side of Square
Square within Star

33.  Fannin County Precinct 3 Warehouse
FM 1396 North of Hwy 82

34. 3340 FM 1743
Double Astor

35.  5th and Walnut
Bright Flowers

36.  804 North 8th
Flower Lane

37. 10th & Oak
School Houses

38. East end of Market Street

39. 1103 Walnut
School of Fish

40. 1402 North 10th
Burst of Color

41. 412 South 6th on the Square
Four Flowers

42.  Dial Water Supply
FM 824 & CR 1550

43.  Honey Bee Donuts
104 W. Main Street
Bee Hive

44.  Bois D' Arc MUD
14101 FM 1396
Water Wheel

45. 1955 CR 2980
Tree of Life

46.  696 CR 2750
Blue Triangles

47.  3593 N. FM 1743
Three Flowers

48.  906 8th Street
Wish Upon a Star

49.  507 Elm
Green Star

50.  104 W. Main
Bee Hive

51.  Bois D'Arc MUD, Allens Chapel
14101 FM 1593
Water Wheel

52.  1955 CR 2980 Allens Chapel
Tree of Life

53.  696 CR 2750  Allens Chapel
Blue Triangles

54. 3593 N. FM 1743
Three Flowers

55.  906 8th Street
Wish Upon a Star

56.  507 Elm
Green Star

57.  743 CR 3489

58.  Honey Grove Elementary School
Fun with Color

59.  1301 E. Main Street

60.  15960 Hwy 56 East
Duck Paddle

61.  1238 CR 2960
Twisted Tiles

Click the link directly below for a printable PDF of the Davy Crockett Trail in Honey Grove

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